What to do NOW to get your first or next client: NAIL YOUR NICHE.

This is the single most important thing you can do.


Whatever it is you want to do or are doing, there are enough people who want it.

Your job is to believe that, cultivate that belief some more, and get in front of them.

Someone emailed me recently and she shared, “Anytime someone asks me what I want to do, I freeze up inside and I give them the answer I think they want to hear, or something I’ve done in the past.”

My response was that success is found in doing the exact OPPOSITE--to do the work to identify HER passions, preferences, and personality, and then design a business around THAT.

Her response?

“Oh wow, I didn’t think it worked that way at all! I thought ‘find a business and align yourself to that’ was the way it was supposed to go.”

And I hear that all the time, because we all start out thinking we have to fit ourselves within a job description. We’ve been doing that our whole lives as employees. If we take that approach to being entrepreneurs, then we’re not going to enjoy our side hustle, or what becomes our full-time business, any more than our 9-5.

➡️Figure out who YOU are (your three Ps), figure out how that informs who you want to serve and THEN build a business around that.

And THAT will be a passionate and profitable business for you.

I believe that and I see it coming true in my business and in my clients’

Do you agree, or do you have a different approach to deciding on a business idea & growing it?