You wanna know what’s working RIGHT NOW to get your 1st or next client?

What I’m NOT going to talk about:


—Building and launching a course from scratch with no or a small audience

—Pushing yourself to contact 30 people a day using a prescribed script

—Any of the other strategies you’ve heard and made you feel overwhelmed, icky or uncomfortable, but tried to talk yourself into because someone said they or their clients got spectacular results with them

Let’s get REAL and talk about what I’ve actually found works to grow your business from where you are, RIGHT NOW.

These are the same keys that I’ve used to make multiple 6 figures in Life With Passion.

I want to help YOU create a simple clear plan that’s based on your 3 Ps (Personality, Passions, and Preferences), NOT someone else’s, and get clear on your exact next step so that you can take it without analysis paralysis, perfectionism, or procrastination.

Because the world needs your work, and simplification is my superpower.

There are two things you need to get clients that we’ll break down into specific action steps:

1) Clarity on who you want to serve and how you want to serve them

***Do not pass go, do not keep opting into stuff, do not keep trying to figure out a strategy until you know who you want to serve and how you want to serve them!!!!***

2) Confidence that you CAN serve them well

Confidence is a learnable skill, not an innate trait. (Confession--I didn’t have it for the majority of my life. I know first-hand that you can develop this muscle, without becoming cocky, no matter how small it feels now!)

You already have what you need inside of you. My job is to help you bring it out.

So let’s get clear first--which do you need more right now: clarity on who you serve/how, or confidence that you CAN serve them well?