Happy Monday! Last week I started highlighting my favorite questions we covered during my interview with Jeff Brown in the Boss-Free Virtual Summit. Let’s dive into the final question!

I’ve heard it said, “When hiring a coach, ask if they’re being coached.” Can you tell us more about the importance of coaching?

I think this is an important, nuanced question to consider, so here’s the answer I recently gave in an interview:

🗬“What took me 5 years to figure out on my own (because I thought I had to prove that I was smart, independent and worthy, and could do it on my own--for free!) I now help my clients achieve in 6 months or less.

When I was wanting to make a transition from first business (in online marketing), and I didn’t yet know what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to make more income & impact, I knew the quickest way to get that answer was to get help from someone who had done it. I was finally ready to invest in some help because, turns out, I’d hit the limit of what I could figure out on my own.

I found someone who had the results I wanted and I hired her and said, “Teach me how.”

I realized that I had spent (and borrowed!) all this money in undergrad, and grad school, and those things had gotten me to where I was, and had also trained me to be a really good employee. And I was unhappy.

So when making the (at that time) very scary choice to hire my first coach, I asked myself, “What if I spent a tiny fraction of my formal education and actually got what I wanted?”

Hiring a mentor changed everything for me, it changed the game. It made me accountable, made me stop procrastinating, it led me to do things that felt too scary that I’d been talking myself out of, and helped me see stuff I couldn’t see on my own. It’s just asking yourself, “What do I need help with, and who do I believe can help me?”

So, bottom line: The reason to do it is not because you HAVE to have a coach as a coach, but to shorten your timeline and speed up your results.

If you have this dream of being an entrepreneur, then I believe that following it is the best way for you to thrive.

So if you decide you’re going to take this seriously and go for it, figure it out and that things are going to come to you in the right time, then you’re gonna begin to see opportunities pop up in front of you, to learn, to be coached, to implement... whatever your next right step might be. And then your job is to step up and snag those, even when it feels scary.

So, tell me, awesome high-achievers...What value have you placed on coaching in this journey?

Have you been (or are you currently) in my former shoes, with high expectations on yourself to figure out all on your own--and for free? If you’re a coach, I’m curious, have you found it helpful to be coached?