These past two weeks I’ve been sharing exactly HOW you can easily create your signature offer (Step 4 of my proven process, The Income Replacement Formula) so that you can start bringing in clients ASAP! 

The final thing you need to do in creating your signature offer is to OFFER to continue working together. That’s right, you need to work INTO THE PROCESS the appeal, benefits and results of signing on with you for a longer time.

There is no lead more “warm” than someone who has already agreed to work with you, AND whom you’ve just helped out big time! 

When you can say, “We solved this big problem together and I want to help you solve more of your problems,” this is such a great way to help your client keep the momentum going with the work you’ve already done together! 

This week we talked about pricing your initial offer, and it’s also important to know that when you sell something like this, you can offer to provide a credit that will apply toward a longer-term, more expensive package. This can be a huge incentive to someone! It’s like paying for the starter-pack AND getting to apply it as a down payment to an even more transformational package.

Let’s review the 4 keys to building your signature offer:

✔️ #1 Answer: What 1 problem can you help someone solve in a half-day?

✔️ #2 Market your offer based around your process to get them from before to after

✔️ #3 Price your offer according to what's right for YOU

✔️ #4 Offer (and incentivize) to continue working together

So, there you have it! Step by step, how you can go and quickly build your signature program and get it sold NOW! 

Does it seem easier than you thought it would be? I love keeping it simple for you; it's one of my superpowers. 

How are you feeling about this now? What questions can I answer for you about building your own signature offer, or what do you plan to offer yours around?