What's my 2nd super-simple strategy in pricing your half-day, quick-win offer (or ANY offer, for that matter)?!!

Figure out what you’re already getting paid or have been paid in the past in your day job, previous business, or anywhere you made money, and calculate the hourly rate you've been paid before.

Example: if you are or were paid $50,000 a year to work a full-time job, your rough hourly rate is half of that, minus the last 3 zeroes--so $25/hour.

Once you have that number, multiply it by how many hours it will take you to deliver your offer, and ask yourself, does that number make me want to throw up to think about charging?  Does it feel too low? And adjust from there.

Now, I know that when we're running a business full-time, you're extremely efficient if you're billing even 20 hours a week, so why start with this rate?

Because, when we’re getting started in a service-based business, we tend to be comfortable charging what someone has already paid us to do something, even if unrelated, in the past. And, even if you're working on replacing your income, if your confidence level doesn't yet allow you to charge that amount, then you’re not going to sell it confidently. You need to ease into it--and remember that you can raise your prices as your confidence in the value you offer grows.

I know that my strategies might seem overly simplified sometimes. But I think the more we overcomplicate things, the more barriers we create to making the money I believe you can be making--NOW. You’re going raise your prices as your confidence grows, as you get testimonials, as you create your own signature process. 

But you DO NOT have to wait for those things to start making money--you can be making it as you serve NOW.

So, tell me, how does this strategy strike you? After looking at it this way, what questions do you have for me about pricing?