So, what’s next in the process of creating your offer?

We’ve already reviewed the 3 essential elements to your program - 1) solve 1 problem, 2) do it in a half-day, and 3) decide what else you'll include to support your clients' results.

Now, it’s time to price it! (Does that stress you out? You're not alone!)

Have you been wondering what the heck to charge? I've got 2 strategies for ya--one I'll share today, and one tomorrow.

First, let's get this out of the way--I DON'T recommend looking around at what everyone else is charging for a frame of reference. Yes, we've all done it, but it almost never works--it just makes us more confused/overwhelmed/swimming in self-doubt.

It's also just asking to get all mixed up in their money stories and decisions without really knowing why they charge what they charge or what went into those decisions.

Bottom line--You need to be confident in your price in order to sell it.

And what's the strategy for that?

This is a little dramatic, but I call it the "throw up test" - what price can you comfortably say to a potential client without wanting to throw up?

️THAT's the price you're going to be able to sell your offer for.

There are a million different pricing strategies out there, but I like this one best because it addresses the real issue with most of us--our own discomfort with charging for working in our Zone of Genius!

Tell me, when you think about a price that you could charge without throwing up, does a number pop into your head? Or do you have questions about this strategy?