Last week we started a deep dive on how to create your own signature offer--the super practical 4th step in The Income Replacement Formula! (review ALL 7 steps by downloading the first chapter of my bestselling book for free at lifewithpassion.com/freechapter)

On Thursday and Friday I talked a bit more on the essential elements to a surefire , quick-win program and WHY I recommend 1) solving 1 big problem and 2) doing it in half a day. And stay tuned, because later this week we’re going to talk about pricing!

But first, let’s consider--What else will you include in the offer to support their results?

Because I know that a lot of the high-achievers in my community are introverts ️, it helps inform how the process will go for MY half-day Clarity, Confidence & Clients intensive.

We meet on Zoom, we decide ahead of time what we’re going to work on, we take a few breaks for our brains and our bodies, we record it so that they can be present and don’t have to focus on taking notes. Then they can come back and revisit our work as they continue to process it and work through it in the coming months.

Each situation is different, and learning those unique factors issues and problems that apply to my client ahead of time is key to staying focused and being super productive with our limited time.

So what will your process look like for the half-day?

  • ️What unique details inform how your client works?

  • ️How do YOU work, communicate and lead best to help your clients?

  • ️Once a client has signed on, what research do you need to in advance of your half-day session?

Answer these questions and you’ll be on your way in designing the perfect process to lead your clients through with expertise and confidence!