Happy Friday, ladies! All this week (and next!) we’ve been breaking down Step 4 of The Income Replacement Formula: Creating Your Offer!

So now let’s think about the second essential element to a super-simple, quick-win-style offer:

Do it in a half-day (or less!)

WHY do I recommend a half day? Wouldn’t a full day be even better?

Well, because in addition to providing a quick win, research shows (and I’ve learned as an educator) that a full day online is just.plain.TOO.MUCH.

Even 3 hours--with scheduled breaks--is intense and both you and your client are going to be brain-tired--in the best way --by the end. Go much longer, and you won’t have it in you to continue to be as productive and efficient as you want to be.

And diminishing returns doesn't serve either of you.

3 hours can be contained to a morning, an afternoon or an evening, rather than committing ALL DAY, and will make it that much easier on BOTH of your schedules.

How does a half-day sound to you? Do you feel like you’d struggle to fill the time, or not have enough time to get through everything?

If it’s the former, as you flesh this out on your own, consider what additional value you could bring to your offer. There might be more you could dig deeper on that you hadn’t previously thought about.

On the other hand, If you believe you wouldn’t have enough time, think about how you can narrow your focus on the most important elements to solving your client’s 1 big problem.