I have a good friend whose family is quite wealthy. One time when I visited her family’s home, I was feeling this strange mix of both inspired and jealous (a little bit judgmental), because I didn’t have the wealth myself.

I tried to break it down to something I could learn and apply (without having to do the hard work of dealing with what was really keeping me stuck and jealous)--so I asked her dad for a book on how to get to that level of success.

At that point, I was wise enough to be looking for clues from people who had the level of success I wanted. However, even though I’m an avid reader, now I know that books are great for inspiration and showing you what’s possible, but, for many of us, not the best resource to help us implement. This is particularly true when you’ve got a lifetime of stories about a topic as charged as money.

For years I told myself this unconscious story of ️“I don’t know how to get the wealth I desire, so I’ll tell myself that it’s wrong to be that wealthy”️ (thereby protecting myself from having to deal with that inner value conflict). Can you see how that judgment was holding me back from having it?

It’s been an incredibly important part of my journey to come to understand and respect that EVERYONE has their own desires and journey and that other peoples’ AIN’T MY BIZ to judge! My work is to forgive myself, release the judgments that had a grip on me, accept and own my God-given desires that I was literally born with, and help others to do the same.

I feel a little bit vulnerable sharing this because I know some people have had an easier time getting this lesson than me, but it’s worth the discomfort because I know some of YOU have a lifetime of unhelpful stories that are keeping you from getting what YOU want because somewhere in your brain you’ve told yourself you’re not allowed or that it’s not safe.

SO many times I see this with entrepreneurship--all the reasons why we “can’t” or “shouldn’t” have what we want and that keeps us stuck. Here’s to letting go of those stories, forgiving ourselves, and being the beautiful representations of this amazing world that we were created to be!

Can you relate? What story have you been carrying around that you need to set yourself free from?