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Good morning! Let's continue with my Top 6 Lessons I Learned In My First Year of Business, shall we?

Lesson #3: I learned & used the power of my story.

I'd heard people say that your story was important, but I dismissed it because I thought I didn't have anything interesting or dramatic enough to say, that my story didn't matter. That it wasn't unique enough. So I didn't talk about it in my first business. Can you relate?

When my daughter Maeve died, obviously that changed. I knew in my head that this was powerful...BUT I felt scared that people would think I was exploiting her if I talked about her in relationship to my business. Just like before, I was keeping myself small by being scared to use my story.

Then, I realized, she was THE REASON I started Life With Passion, so it was actually inauthentic of me NOT to talk about her, and you know I'm all about authenticity and being genuine.

So, I started. I started talking about her in Facebook posts. I started talking about her in videos, and on my webinars, and in articles and on podcasts.

I continued talking about my horses, who were the original driver behind me wanting to get free from my 9-5 (so I wasn't going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark and never getting to see them).

What happened?

These were the 2 things I become known for, BUT they are not the ONLY things I'm known for. They make me memorable, and help me stand out in a sea of coaches.

Yes, I've worked with many clients who have a connection to horses or pregnancy loss, and I love that. But not ALL of them do--it hasn't niched me down too far or shut me out.

It's made me memorable.

Your story is the ONE THING no one else can EVER duplicate. If you're not using it, I'd go so far as to say you're not memorable.

The good news is that this can change today!!!

Ask yourself, are you currently using your story to make your business memorable? Do you know what aspects of your story are powerful and memorable to use?