Do you have a fear of failure when it comes to quitting your job, growing your business, and achieving your dreams?

You're not alone.

In fact, MOST people let this fear and its partner-in-crime, the fear of what people will think, control their ENTIRE lives. The most common regret at the end of peoples’ lives, according to a lifelong hospice nurse Bronnie Ware?

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

Don’t let that be you! Today, you can choose to start moving past it.

How do you conquer this super-common fear?

It’s simple, but not necessarily easy: by TRYING THINGS.

Choose something small, like setting a timer and doing something that's been scaring you for 5 minutes today, like:

-Reaching out to a potential customer
-Following up with one
-Making a post on your personal page
-Introducing (or re-introducing) yourself in your favorite FB group
-Going on Facebook Live :)
-Putting pen to paper to process through your biggest goal or fear right now
-Figuring out how you can pay for that business investment you've been wanting to make but scared to let yourself have
-Making a connection with someone you admire
-Being honest with someone close to you about your entrepreneurial dreams
-Deciding on a price for your offer
-Posting your offer on your business page

Try that one thing for 5 minutes, and experience the rush that comes from completing it.

Build that trust in yourself that you CAN accomplish things, and when the big stuff comes, you’ll be sooooooo much more confident and ready to give them a go.

What will you do for 5 minutes today? Or have you overcome this fear? How have you moved through it?