Want to get more clients, make more money, and quickly make more strategic decisions?

💥Banish the big, bad “I DON’T” from your vocabulary.💥

“I don’t know how” is probably the biggest way this busted phrase shows up, but of course there are others, so start to notice which ones you use!

To upgrade right now, transform “I don’t know how” into...

How Can I?

Give your brain the chance to look for the answer in the background of the rest of your life, and it will! The answer might come to you while you’re showering (why I love Aqua Notes!!! http://bit.ly/aquanotes-notepad), washing dishes, driving (you can create a voice memo on your phone to capture it!)

Tony Robbins says that successful people ask better questions. And “How can I?” is a GREAT example that you can start using right now!!!

What will you start asking “How can I?” about today? Or what results have YOU gotten by making this simple upgrade? Share below!