Let's talk about how you can FOCUS better this week and actually create more time and space for working on your business. My first tip is so simple, and yet some of us have not considered this as a viable option for our situation before:

Tip #1: Turn off the notifications on your phone.

Yes, turn off Facebook notifications, email notifications, Instagram notifications, etc. Notifications seem like not a big deal, but here's why they totally are:

Every time you’re distracted, studies show it takes 24 MINUTES to get back on track. 24 MINUTES!!!! You can’t afford that kind of time wasting, right? Not every single notification is enough to knock you off track that much, but we never know when the one is going to come in that succeeds in distracting you and pulling you out of your focused brain space. It's like Russian roulette with your notifications!

The only notifications coming through should be ones worthy of pulling you away from working on your dream (i.e. an urgent matter like needing to pick up a sick kid or family member)...NOT someone liking your post or commenting on it or sending you a message or trying to make THEIR emergency YOUR emergency. You know what I mean?

Even though I’ve built my business using Facebook, I only check in & respond there a couple of times a day, from my computer (not my phone). I’m present and focused when I do, and then I’m present and focused wherever else I am the rest of the time.

So turn ‘em off, and only check social media with INTENTION, at certain times of day.

Is this something you get distracted by? Or have you turned off notifications and noticed a difference?