This week we’re talking about building your self-trust so that you can become the successful, income-replacing entrepreneur you dream of!

Today I talked with a client about strategies, and all the endless options in front of her. With so many different paths to take, I asked her, “Which one sounds fun to you?”

It took her aback because it’s SUCH a foreign and novel idea, in our employee-mindset world full of “shoulds” and “we have to work hard and grind to be successful” to ask that question instead of "what is the exact right thing that I MUST do?” …

In fact, my client had come from a background in corporate where “Which one sounds fun to you?” was NOT a valid question she had ever had the luxury of asking.

Now, building her own business, she can and, in fact, it’s the wisest question to, ask herself that.

So tell me, what would YOUR answer be?

You might say things like:

—I love to write! That’s how I want to connect with people.

—I love being spontaneous, I don't want to livestream at a scheduled time every week but I DO want to show up when I feel inspired.

—I love Instagram and get stressed out on Facebook, so I’m going to focus on building my audience over there.

When you listen to your own voice, your own personality, preferences and passions, then it makes it FAR easier to start exercising that crucial self-trust--and generating the excitement and motivation--you need to keep yourself moving forward (yay!!!!).

Right now, TODAY, what’s just one thing that sounds fun to you in your business?

How can you break that down to take the next right step for you--and, of course, in doing so, to grow your self-trust in the process (double-win!)?