We’ve been talking about self-trust and how it will serve your success in becoming an income-replacing, passionate entrepreneur.

Here are a few insightful questions to ask yourself to help you ascertain your level of self-trust (and, your next steps from there):

💕How long does it take you to make a decision?

That's a really good indicator of how much you trust yourself. Knowing when to say, “This feels right to me” and, “My gut is telling me this is right” is huge.

The most successful people make up their minds quickly and change their minds slowly--because they trust themselves.

💕Are you looking around at what other people are doing and trying to reverse engineer their success?

Saying, “If I could only do what they've done,” demonstrates a lack of self-knowledge and self-trust.

BELIEVE me, after 14 years as an entrepreneur (and helping countless high-achievers become entrepreneurs, too), I can say with absolute conviction that this is a truism: What worked for them is no guarantee for you.

You must learn YOUR own unique way, do not try and copy someone on the outside.

Even with all my entrepreneurial experience, I STILL fell into this trap years ago--I had a mentor teach me the only strategy she knew to build her business (because it was all she knew, it was all she could teach), and it wasn't right for me.

What do you do instead?

Approach it as the beautiful unique person that you are.

If you're getting support already or are considering hiring some, ask, are you learning from someone who has done a lot of different things and can help you sort out what is the right strategy for you, your personality and how you want your business to function? Make sure this is a YES for maximum results.

💞Do you find yourself talking yourself out of things that you had initially gotten really excited about, because later, you doubt that they could work?

💞Do you tend not to speak up, get visible, share your message because you think have nothing original to say or that someone else has already said it, and better?

💞Do you hold yourself back from growing your business because someone else is doing it better than you (or so you perceive)?

What do you do instead? HOW exactly do you change how you feel so that your actions will change, too?

All you need to do is take the next step in front of you, to begin demonstrating, and building up that self-trust muscle.

When you take action toward ANYTHING, you're going to #1 relieve your anxiety (yay!!!!) and #2 get clarity! And if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, no more hiding and no more deferring to other people--because YOU’VE got this. And as you begin to take action, what will you find?

Well, when you decide to trust yourself and go after what you want, you become unstoppable.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

So, my friend, where can you take action--any action--to get clarity today?


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