This week I’m diving into the 1 thing you’ve gotta do to succeed as an income-replacing passionate entrepreneur: exercising self-trust.

What the heck do I mean by THAT?

Here’s one example I see a LOT:
Are you waiting until your business makes money until you invest in yourself or your business, even though you KNOW that’s the thing that would help you grow? Well...that isn't showing self-trust. Instead, that's putting pressure on your business baby to operate successfully when it hasn't yet had the chance to learn (like expecting a human baby to talk when it hasn’t had that modeled). That’s pressure on YOU as a budding entrepreneur, to figure out how to be a successful entrepreneur, before you've learned or been trained. And often, it comes down to a lack of self-trust in this way: your brain, your fear, is telling you that you don't trust yourself to make the money back.

When I signed up for that first group coaching program, I pushed “Purchase” even though I was completely terrified. I did it anyway. And showing up for myself in that moment is the reason I tripled my income within the first few WEEKS of that program. It wouldn't have happened if i didn't say, “I believe in myself to make this happen.” Instead of saying “I'll believe it when I see it,” I believed it UNTIL I saw it. And THAT, my friend, is self-trust.

So, tell me…

Does this sound familiar? Where have you seen self-trust being part of your life or not? Some examples other than the one above:

💥Have you started your business or are you thinking about it all the time?
💥Have you had a hard time pricing?
💥Are you procrastinating endlessly?
💥Are you hiding out because you’re fearing negative feedback?
💥Are you trying too many things and not seeing results with any of them?

Where do you feel you are on the self-trust scale?

Do you have a tip that’s been helpful for you in strengthening your self-trust muscle!