This week I’m discussing the 1 thing you’ve gotta do to succeed as an income-replacing passionate entrepreneur. It’s so simple and I promise it’s right for each one of you! What’s this magic bullet you say?! Oh, you know that’s NOT how I roll. 😃 No, it’s far more straightforward and personalized than any “surefire” strategy--and it’s also that much more complex to execute.

💖It’s to exercise self-trust.💖

I know this might be a MUCH vaguer concept than post X number of times on Facebook or Instagram, so let's break it down.

Exercising your self-trust muscle does NOT mean you won't be scared.

Instead, you are honest about what you want and you do it even if you're scared. There have been so many times in my business that I've been terrified!

➡️Here are a few examples:

❤️When I invested in myself for the first time. Before that, I had really prided myself on learning to figure it out on my own, and for free. And that got me exactly as far as it got me. When I found someone I wanted to learn from, I knew I wanted to invest. I was terrified. My husband thought I was crazy and didn't approve. I didn't have the money or know where it would come from. I did it anyway, because I knew it was what I wanted. And get this--my card didn't go through the first couple of times because I was spending money in a foreign country, and the transaction got flagged. I thought it was a sign not do it! It wasn't a sign, it was just a test of my faith, how badly I wanted this and was willing to trust myself.

❤️When I first made the announcement of what I was doing with my business.

❤️When I quit my job. Talk about putting it all on the line! Some of you know what that's like.

75% of my clients (who’ve come to me in jobs) have quit, and some are in the process of quitting right now. They've done it scared. They haven't done it without a plan, but still they've done it scared. They've had to show self-trust. They've exercised the belief that they can do this and they've lined up the support they need along the way.

❤️When I made my first sale and booked my first client. What?! Like many of my clients, I had a fear deep down that no one would want to work with me, but then when they said “yes,” I freaked out that I wouldn’t be able to get them results! 😂

The point is we are all scared and that feeling doesn’t just go away--we just learn to manage it and take action in spite of it!

If all this talk of self-trust feels like a foreign concept to you, I understand and I've been there. Whatever the next right step for you feels like, it also probably feels really scary. And you've likely tried to talk yourself out of it because of something you’ve labeled “practical”--like not having enough:

✨supportive people in your life

But the more that you exercise your self-trust muscle, the more you will build your confidence and belief in yourself, and the more that will drive out fear and allow you to take action ANYWAY!

Are you taking business-building actions that show you trust yourself, even if they scare you? Or do you find yourself holding back out of self-doubt or fear?