There's 1 simple thing you've got to do to set yourself up for success as an income-replacing, passionate entrepreneur.

It's not a tactical strategy. It's not an algorithm to master. It's not the next hot thing (or “how Facebook ads are dying and here’s what you should do instead”--).

It's not sexy, but it IS true (and you know I value telling you the truth above all).

To replace your income, you’ve gotta start doing this NOW:

💖Exercise self-trust.💖

How do you know whether or not you're exercising self-trust?

Here’s a simple self-assessment for you:

If you are...

❌Clicking on a bunch of opt-ins/ads/webinars...
❌Pursuing more than 1 business idea...
❌Googling or reading more and more business advice and not doing any of it...
❌Feeling like you have nothing to say and no one wants to hear from you...

…Then, your self-trust muscle might need a workout. (But don’t fret, it’s like any other muscle.)

If, on the other hand, you are...

✔️Crystal-clear on your goals and what you're pursuing
✔️Executing your action plan with faith in the process
✔️Showing up daily to put your content out into the world

Your self-trust muscle is getting tight and toned ;) (not that as a 6-months-pregnant lady I know much about that!)

The rest of this week we are going to discuss the ins and outs of self-trust (or the lack thereof!). We ALL get hung up on all the “hows” of building a business, whether that looks like "analysis paralysis," endless pondering or researching, or another form of stopping ourselves. Let’s work through them together!

So, tell me, how strong do you feel your self-trust muscle is? Or what do you do to exercise it?