Let’s celebrate FREEDOM FRIDAY by recounting the steps I took to create a $20K cash month!

  • I offered one product and I showed up consistently to my community with it (right now, it’s my half-day intensive: http://www.lifewithpassion.com/halfday-intensive)

  • I stayed open to who and how clients would come to me

  • I followed up with people individually

  • I let myself relax by employing my 3Ps (personality, preferences, and passions).

That’s it.

I did NOT put out all my offers at once, work on it day and night (I actually worked less than normal!), try to control who or how the right people would come to me, or wait until everything was PERFECT!

And it resulted in a $20K month--and it can for you, too.

So tell me--what feels like one tweak or shift you can make to move toward having your own $20K month? Or what questions do you have about applying these strategies to your own work?