My 4th and final step of what I did that led up to this $20K month - I relaxed.

And some of this “relaxing” was out of necessity: I both had family staying with me for HALF THE MONTH, AND I was super sick from my pregnancy! Truth be told, relaxing is not always easy for me (I know - you’re super shocked right now :D).

Let me be clear--This is not always normal for me to be able to do, much less my default! It's something that I'm learning. Something I've consciously cultivated as I've gone along. It doesn't matter where you are today; part of (let’s face it, 99% of) business-building is about enjoying the process--even if you’re results-oriented, like me.

To apply this to your own business, you need to give yourself permission to use the 3Ps of who you are: personality, preferences, and passions.

️To give you an example, here are my 3 Ps and how I applied them specifically to have this $20K month:

️- My personality - I'm introverted,

️- My preferences - That it be really simple,

️- My passions - Helping high-achievers transform through income replacement & entrepreneurship

We want to make sure we're building our business based around who we are and how we're designed. These “boundaries” we draw actually give us more freedom to run our businesses in a way that feel good and natural for us, and can significantly take the pressure off from the feeling that we’re missing out on that one surefire strategy that someone else is using.

And that helps us to relax into the process. :)

Now tell me--do you ever feel like you can relax or are you always on edge about when the next sale will come? What questions do you have about how to relax or how to use the 3 Ps to build your income-replacing business?