This week I am giving you a peek behind the curtain on how I created a $20K month, and how you can too!

#2 I stayed open to who, how and when people would come to me

Most books teach you how to set goals. You've heard it before: Visualize that number you want in your bank account! I practiced that stuff for a long time, and it doesn't work for me, or for most of the high-achievers I work with. Why? Because we typically get way too controlling and obsessive about it. This isn’t just some woo-woo thing, it’s a crucial mindset shift. Plus, it’s neuroscience. Why? Well, when you obsess on a number, you literally shut down the creative pathways in your brain. You stress out about HOW it’s going to happen, worry that it won’t, and often, don't get what you want.

I did a video on this called why “SMART” goals aren’t working for you that you can check out here:

If you've done THIS in the past--stressed, obsessed, and controlled--let's try something else, shall we?

I knew what I was offering (ONE thing) AND I chose to remain open to who was going to come in, how they come in and when. And let me tell you, it all unfolded in a way I didn't expect.

Ladies, I had a client that came to me who found me on GOOGLE! Let me tell you something, I do zero SEO on my website, and on my blog - it's just not a priority for me! Guess what, because I didn't PRE-DETERMINE how someone was going to come to me, because I was open, because I didn't control how I thought it should go, I got to be surprised by this brand new client, who didn’t even know exactly what she was looking for until she found me… WOW!

You never know who is watching you, or how they will find your content online.

️Tell me, when you hear me talk about “remaining open,” what does that mean to you? How do you think you’ve closed yourself off or tried to control the situation in the past? How do you plan to change that?