This week I'm pulling back the curtain to show you my exact strategy and the actions that I took to create a $20K cash month--that you can take and apply to your business to have your own! (Woo hoo!!!)

Here’s why--one thing I see all the time that drives me CRAZY: Bright shiny ads and promises to "follow this exact strategy and you’ll get this exact result!"

Truth: the sooner we understand that there’s no 1 right path for everyone, the sooner you can get about designing a strategy that’s going to work with YOUR personality, your preferences and your passions.

So, l want to help you take MY process and story, and teach you how you can apply it to YOURS!

#1 I focused on one offering

The first thing I did was I sold one service and one thing only. Of course, I have more than one product to offer. But this ONE thing was all I talked about when I was selling.

Why? Confused people don't buy.

(How many times do we talk to potential clients and we end up confusing them with all our options as we attempt to find something that appeals to them?)

In short: I sold one service and attached an urgency factor to it that was real. (I’m modeling that right now, BTW, with my half-day intensive: http://www.lifewithpassion.com/halfday-intensive)

I stayed consistent with offering that over the 2 week period of time in very specific ways. I stayed focused on my 3 Cs - coaching, connecting and creating.

If you're not consistently getting out there with one specific offer, and you're trying too many things, then it's not going to work, because it’s not going to be memorable. You've got to become known for that 1 thing.

If you're not consistent, then do not pass go, do not do anything else in your business until you get consistent. It's way more important than getting really attached to hitting a certain number in your business, which I am going to talk about more tomorrow.

What are your thoughts or questions about focusing on one offering at a time and staying consistent with it? Has this worked for you or does it bring up fears or concerns?