Today, I’m celebrating that my clients are choosing themselves and their unique dreams and goals--they’re being “selfish” (one of our new definitions according to the root words: “Having the characteristics of self”)!

In fact, 2 of them recently QUIT their high-paying corporate jobs ON THE SAME DAY to go full-time in their businesses!

And you know what’s happened in both cases?

Their former co-workers, colleagues, friends and family have responded by sending them referrals, expressing interest in working with them, and giving them big, unexpected opportunities for visibility--all because they chose themselves FIRST.

Yes, it takes courage, it means doing something different, it means making a decision for yourself even in the face of your fears about what others might think of you.

But when you make that DECISION, and you cut off other options, the world around you--your network, your contacts, your loved ones--takes notice and responds to you differently.

Have you noticed this to be true on your own entrepreneurial journey? What examples can you recognize? Or if you’re just starting out, can you identify ways you want that to be true?


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