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Believing you have enough time to build your business means that no matter how little or how much you have, you can TRUST that everything is working in your favor.

And I find that trust, letting go of control, surrendering to the process, these things are often the HARDEST part of business-building for us high-achievers. They’re the words that cause us to get really uncomfortable, trigger us, cause us to roll our eyes, shy away from, maybe even make us mad.

We’d MUCH rather just go and DO more, right? Which makes it easy to blame “not enough time to DO” as a reason for not having the business you want, but here’s the thing...

Those same concepts? They also make growth infinitely easier once we finally accept (and re-accept, and re-accept) them.

I’m constantly re-learning this lesson, and the times I feel most congruent with it are the times my business grows the most (not the times I’m taking the most action--weird, right?).

Now I’m not saying that action isn’t required--a simple strategy is KEY and you gotta work it consistently. BUT, the magic really happens when you combine simple strategy with self-belief--and a belief that everything is working out perfectly for you.

Have you explored that everything is working out in your favor, and FOR you, as Tony Robbins says, instead of TO you? What’s your favorite way to do that?