What are the biggest reasons we DON’T build our businesses, quit our jobs, replace our incomes (& then some)?

And what do we do about each of them?

💥Not enough time?
💥Busy life?
💥Find yourself watching the clock?
💥Too MUCH time? (This one might seem crazy, but I promise it’s a thing).

Whatever it is, as long as you keep believing it’s something OUTSIDE yourself, you’re giving that thing the ability to

On the other side of this, shifting it can be SO SIMPLE!😊

For example I LOVE this text I got from a super-high-achieving reader of my book The Income Replacement Formula:

"Your book is so great - practical and gives permission to keep it simple and focused. I have taken several notes and am applying them already - those money making activities and building my email list - I am sending at least one a day to a warm person - it takes such little time and yet could Be huge. Also, I have decided to be bold and do Facebook live to announce my weekly Inspired and motivated!! Thanks again!" ~Jennifer Knight

❤️The same can be true for you!❤️

This is a HUGE opportunity to upgrade your mindset and what you’re telling yourself is possible for you in your current situation!

Grab a copy in paperback, Kindle, or on Audible and DIVE INTO reclaiming your focus and your passion for your business here:

Or if you’ve already read it, let me know your biggest takeaway!