“When I take care of myself, my business flourishes.”

One of my clients shared this with me recently as we were deconstructing the “secrets” behind her biggest month ever.

The truth was, it had seemed effortless, and most high-achievers are pretty uncomfortable with that!

Why? Because we can’t decipher--and then replicate--the exact strategic steps we took to get there.

Or can we?

You see, she chose herself first. She was “selfish” in the sense that she ran her business according to how she knew she could show up best --she took care of her body (instead of burning herself out working 80 hours a week because “there’s always more to do,”) created quality content for her visibility, stayed consistent, and trusted herself and the process.

The result? Pay-in-full, dream clients. A sales process that felt not sleazy, but EASY, energizing, and even fun!

So if it feels hard for you initially to take care of yourself simply because you’re worth it, while you’re working on allowing yourself to integrate that belief that being “selfish” actually just means being more of who you are (instead of it taking anything away from someone else), consider taking care of yourself in order to grow your business! ;)

Now let us know, have you found it to be true that when you take care of yourself, your business grows? Or is that an intention you’d like to set now?