What are some ways that being “selfish”--with our redefined, positive connotation of it (according to the root words) could help you grow your business (and cash flow) more quickly and with less stress?

I recently heard serial entrepreneur Allison Maslen share, “If you hire an assistant within the first 6 months of your business, you’ll reach 7 figures in half the time.”

Now it doesn’t actually matter how long you’ve been in business (don’t despair if it’s been longer than 6 months, you’re not doomed!), but what about hiring someone for literally 1 hour a week to do the thing you hate most, like:

➡️Keep your inbox/calendar organized
➡️Send out a newsletter or blog
➡️Update your social media
➡️Handle that one thing you know you really NEED to do, but that you procrastinate on every single day/week
➡️Do something techy that terrifies or annoys you
➡️Create graphics or lay out documents

I knowwww the resistance of spending money when you’re just getting started and you want everything to go to back in your pocket!

But literally someone spending 1 hour a week doing something that drains you could cost you very little and free up a whole lotta mind space & energy to create, to be visible, to follow up with potential clients, and to focus on money-making tasks.

And it would allow you to behave more “selfishly” (as we define it, more “of the nature and character of self” in your business, and do more of what you’re best at, that only you can do.

I can tell you that having help to do the things I don’t need or want to be doing felt weird at first, like “Who am I to have a team?,” but now it is a huge relief and it helps me support my clients better as well as have more room to help more clients because my role is clearly defined; I know my strengths, and I stick to those rather than trying to incrementally improve my weaknesses and slow down my business growth in the process.

Does that make sense? What has kept you from accepting help, or have you already and found it helpful?