The word “selfish” largely carries a negative connotation, right?

But then we hear about the importance of self-care, about putting our own oxygen mask on first, and it can feel really confusing!

“If I do that, I’m selfish!,” we think, and selfish = bad....right?

Or does it?

I decided to geek out and look at the roots of the word “selfish.”

According to Google, the word self is over 1000 years old and can mean “a person's nature, character” or “a person or thing referred to with respect to complete individuality.”

Sounds good, right? Like “being your self?”

Well, what about “-ish?” It can mean “belonging to,” “after the manner of,” “having the characteristics of,” “like,” “near or about.”

Now tell me, which of those is bad?

“Of the nature or character of self”
“Belonging to self”
“After the manner of self”
“Having the characteristics of self”
“Like self”
“Near or about self”

Which of those sounds WRONG to you?

To me, they sound pretty positive! Like “selfish” could be RE-defined as being true to yourself, being your true self, being the person you were made to be!

And if THAT’s true, then anything that feels “selfish” is actually a GREAT thing to give attention and credence to, because it’s helping you show up more as the fullest expression of who you were created to be!

So reflect, then fill me in--where do you find yourself holding back from doing something for yourself or your business because to do anything else would be “selfish?” What would happen if you decided that “selfish” was a GOOD thing and gave yourself permission to do it, to become more who you really are? Or maybe you’ve already made the choice to do that, and if so, I want to hear that, too!