You know something that a lot of high-achievers struggle with? Feeling selfish.

Feeling selfish for having big dreams, for spending money investing in ourselves or on ourselves and our desires, for putting time into our businesses instead of spending more time with our kids (fur or human), for making time to do things for ourselves, just for fun...

As women we’re trained to put others first, and most of us are starting our businesses because we’re helpers by nature; we want to make a difference, so we easily fit into this role.

Often, clients came to me because they’ve woken up to realize they’ve been living what OTHER people expected of them rather than the one that’s in line with what THEY actually want.️

Sometimes it’s an opinionated spouse whose opinion has gradually become the default around which they organize their lives. Other times it’s the role their parents, family or friends want them to play, the person they want them to be, have relied on them to be, and have come to expect.

And it happens, at some point in our lives, to most of us, especially when we’re sensitive and have a tendency toward people-pleasing.

My husband was comfortable with my 9-5-like steady income from my previous business (an online marketing agency), and being risk-averse, he felt nervous about me exploring starting something new and less predictable.

️But I knew it was time to go to the next level of my life and business by finding my Zone of Genius and creating a business around that.

So when we come to a point where we recognize what’s been happening, and how it’s holding us back, that’s the moment we become powerful, because we can make a different choice.

It might be a layoff, or a divorce, or sickness, or a death (for me it was losing my daughter Maeve), or simply waking up one day and recognizing you aren’t excited about or enjoying your own life and work anymore, and you want something more/different.

️Tell me, what was YOUR wake up call to pursue your own business? Was it a one-time event or a gradual awakening? Have you faced resistance along the way?