Ready to quit SOONER? I get it. It's a process, but it's a process you can speed up by prioritizing THE RIGHT THINGS.

Here's my third tip to replace your income and quit your 9-5:

Focus only on money-making tasks.

Do you know exactly what moves you forward in your business, and are you working on THOSE exact money-making tasks every day?

Do you know how to attract clients right now? If you’ve had paying clients before, how did you get them in the past?

Or, instead, are you feeling overwhelmed by trying to do something you heard from one expert and another strategy you heard from someone else you follow, and then finding yourself sitting down at the computer (when you do finally carve out some time) and feeling so scattered that you wind up scrolling through Facebook instead?

There’s a lot of busy work that feels necessary but is not directly money-making. Keep yourself focused on your actual money-making tasks, and let those be enough while you’re building your business on the side, or you’ll waste a lot of your precious time “working on your business” but not moving forward in your number one goal of replacing your income. Let go of your FOMO and focus on money-making tasks.

This strategy will serve you well even when you’re out of your 9–5, because even when your time is freed up, the more focused you are, the faster you can grow your business.
And, if you don’t yet know what those tasks are, make it a priority to figure them out ASAP, so that you can use your limited time wisely and efficiently.

What is your #1 money-making task?