💕PASSION is the 3rd “P” in the 3 Key “P”s to building a business you love!💕

Now you KNOW I was gonna talk about this one, right? It’s in the name of my business!

But seriously, if we’re not keyed into our passions, WHAT we love doing, and WHY we love doing it, then what is even the point of doing the work of starting a business?

If we’re not setting ourselves up to do more enjoyable work that matters, using the passions we’ve been given, then honestly, we might as well just phone it in at a job, know what I’m saying?

So you gotta prioritize your passions.

Here are some examples of my passions:

✍️I love writing. Always have. Writing for projects, writing to make sense of my world, and reading to learn.

😃I love connecting with, encouraging and inspiring people to live their dreams, especially 1:1.

✅I love making a clear plan and checking stuff off a to-do list ;) -- I’ve used a planner since middle school back when they were called DayTimers and mine looked like it was made for a 40-year-old lawyer because that’s all they made at the time

And you can see how I’ve built my business around these!

How about you? Share one of your passions below and tell us if you’re already using it or plan to use it in your business!