The second ”P” in the 3 Key “P”s to building a business you love?


These are choices you get to make about what you WANT your business and life to look like. Some examples:

❤️Do you want to work from home, coffee shops, a co-working space?

❤️How many clients would you like to be working with at one time?

❤️What’s your preferred way to get visible?

❤️What do you want your schedule to look like?

When is the best time of day for you to get specific types of work done (like creating or project work vs. client work)?

None of these have answers that are right or wrong, but having clarity on what YOU prefer makes building a business so much easier--AND it sets you up for creating something you’re actually going to enjoy continuing to work on for the long-term.

Something I see a LOT with clients is that when they’re transitioning out of a 9-5, they have a hard time giving themselves true permission to design a business in accordance with their preferences.

Often this stems from a common underlying belief that it has to be hard or look a certain way (which is totally normal because that’s what we’ve been taught as employees--to fit in a box!).

The more you ask yourself what YOU prefer and develop the belief that if you:

✅want to work in your pajamas every day

✅book clients just by writing

✅want to work part-time…

...then you can, and the more likely you are to move toward and create exactly that.

So, what’s one thing YOU want? What do YOU prefer?