PERSONALITY is the first “P” to building a business that’s right for YOU.

Do you know yours?

Lots of times when we’re starting out or struggling in business, we compare ourselves to others, telling ourselves (and maybe others) things like:

“If I was more extroverted, this would be so much easier for me.”

“I wish I was more organized (or more spontaneous).”

“If I could just do or have what XYZ person has, then it would be so much easier for me to succeed.”

Not only are none of those thoughts helpful, but they’re very likely not even true!


Because you have your own superpowers, built right into your own personality!

Do you know what they are?

My favorite tool for discovering them is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI), which I’m certified in and have used for over a decade both personally and with my clients, to bring clarity, help understand why we do what we do (and it’s not because we’re crazy!), and make aligned choices that are going to create a sustainable, profitable, exciting business.

️You can take a free version of this assessment over at 16personalities.com.

Knowing your Type informs how it makes the most sense to build your business, both in choosing strategies and also in knowing what’s going to give you energy... so that you keep showing up for it, rather than choosing a strategy because someone said it was the right one.

So share your type with us below--and bonus points if you share one superpower that comes from it--or ask a question about it!