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Today, I'm leading by example, so I'm pouring, raising and sharing virtual champagne to YOU.

I'm celebrating my clients who have:

  • launched new websites

  • created and shared new high-value freebies

  • launched their email lists,

  • grown their new Facebook groups,

  • broken through major fears, procrastination, and perfectionism

  • launched new Facebook pages

  • ended YEARS-LONG overwhelm about specific pieces of their business

  • shown up for themselves AND the good they're putting into the world by helping the people THEY are passionate about serving!!!!

I'm celebrating new clients deciding that NOW is their time to make their dreams happen, and breaking through the holding pattern they'd been in, realizing that it wasn't about waiting for something external to prove that they could get the support they needed (ex. "once I have XYZ, then I'll get support"), but owning that they, and their dreams, were worth it NOW, that getting support was actually THE THING that would get them the life, business, money and impact they were dreaming of, not the other way around.

I'm celebrating this beautiful community and each and every one of you in it.

The entrepreneurial journey CAN be lonely because most of the time, people in our "real lives" don't understand...but it doesn't HAVE to be lonely. That's what Life With Passion is about. That's why I do what I do with each of my clients.

When you have someone to celebrate with you, cheer you on, and help you see the way, that's when everything starts to FINALLY happen.

So CHEERS, ladies. CHEERS.