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The 3rd Core “C” of my 6-figure business is Connecting.

As an introvert, I’ve always been a “deep relationship” kind of person, and I’ve found that there’s such power and business-building energy that comes from connecting with the people you admire and want to get to know better!

This used to be something I didn’t make time for, telling myself I was “too busy” and needed to focus only on sales calls.

But what I’ve found is, when you find someone you feel a connection to, and you reach out to form a friendship with them, you begin to develop a support network and some of those people will become your biggest fans, and referral & lead sources--not to mention the people you can text when you’re having a meltdown because they get it!

We are wired for connection, and entrepreneurship isn’t something we often share with our closest “in-person” friends and family, so it can be a lonely road unless we cultivate relationships with those walking the same one.

So tell me, is connecting something you make time in your schedule for? Why or why not?