The 2nd Core “C” of my 6-figure business is Creating Content.

This includes anything I produce for my audience, to teach, give value, and help them to know me better, so that they know if working together is right for them:

💖Facebook posts

💖Instagram posts






💖book (obvi)

Now, before you get overwhelmed or think, “I could never give that much away for free--I don’t have the time or energy!,” remember that I started my business with exactly ONE of these things (for me it was an opt-in, but I actually recommend you do it differently/better than me and start by creating posts that build relationships FIRST).

Now I have a team of people who help me be CONSISTENTLY visible in all of the places where I have a presence, so that people can hear from me and know if my services are for them, and we repurpose and reuse everything!

So I know that as I’m writing this, it’s not just a one-off Facebook post, it’s going to appear in approximately 5 bazillion places going forward. Doesn’t that feel like SO much less pressure and make spending time creating content feel so much more worthwhile?

Start keeping track of your content in a Google Doc or Sheet as you create it. No, you don’t have to obsessively go back and pull together everything you’ve ever created right.this minute (not that I would know anything about that)...you can just start where you are with what you’re making, today, then once you’re in the habit, go back and pull it together a little bit at a time.

So tell me--do you keep track of your content? Do you repurpose it? If not, is it something you have a goal to do or have questions about?

P.S. I’ve heard a lot of coaches say they ONLY do these 2 things, but the “C” I’m gonna share with you tomorrow is every bit as important and has been life-changing for my business and can be for yours, too, so be sure to come back for it!!