Do you find yourself putting off working on your business until you have a “good amount of time” to do it?

If you wait until you have a half-day on a weekend, a day off, a quiet day or even just an hour long chunk to work on your business when you’re not used to working longer periods of time on it, it’s like going to an advanced CrossFit class when your normal workout is walking to the mailbox. (I’ve been taking some time off from exercising lately--other than chasing Fi around--so my writing has become full of exercise metaphors instead).

You just don’t have the stamina for it yet.

So let go of that perfectionistic thinking, because it’s keeping you STUCK, my friend.

And instead, start small. Your brain might tell you (in fact, it probably will) that tiny progress, or that if it’s not “big,” or all the way done, or resulting in an $Xk month, then it doesn’t count. But that ain’t the way life or business-building works--it’s a black and white fallacy that it’s time to let go of.

So are you motivated ready to go out there and do 1 rep, knowing you’ll be “sore” in the best kind of way tomorrow (again, with the exercise reference, I know!!!!)?

Go do 1 thing you know would move your business forward like NOW (send an email, make a connection, reach out for help), in the next 5 minutes!