You know what I’ve been hearing a lot lately?

“I don’t have enough time to start/grow my business because of…”
💥My demanding job
💥My kids
💥My busy life

Have you ever found yourself saying any of these (and let’s be honest, we ALL have at one time or another), so the better question is...When’s the last time you found yourself saying or thinking one of these things?

What I find when working with busy high-achievers just like you, whether they’re in a 9-5 job or out, whether they are making a little or 6 figures, is this:

It’s usually NOT a time problem.

Yep, it’s true.

There’s a hack (or 2 or 3 ;) for that...if you’re willing to get a little bit uncomfortable. I’m not talking about going out and running a marathon uncomfortable (ain’t nobody got time for that--well, not me anyway), but I’m talking about the kind of uncomfortable that gets you to stop using that reason long enough to try something that could disprove it and stick with that until you implement and integrate it into your life.


Here are some proven ways to kick that “I don’t have enough time” refrain out of your brain:

❤️Get up 5 minutes earlier (or stay up 5 minutes later) to do one tiny thing
❤️Use the 1st 5 minutes of your lunch break 
❤️Turn on your voice memo recorder on your commute to capture an idea or make yourself a reminder
❤️Add an extra 5 minutes onto your shower and use AquaNotes ( to write a post idea or outline (in fact, the genesis for this whole series started as a 10-word Aquanote.

You only need to choose & use ONE of these to start making real, measurable progress toward building your business (instead of endlessly ruminating every day on how you SHOULD but finding yourself at the end of the day without having done it...again).

Which one are you going to try? Or have you already found one that works for YOU?