"I don't even KNOW what I want anymore."

I think there's a way in which, as women, we often lose touch with our own preferences as we help/take care of those around it. It's a natural thing that can happen, especially if we're sensitive, empathetic, kind people--we just have that desire to help, and as high-achievers, we're capable of doing it, too!

And then when we start building businesses, often we're unclear on what goal we're aiming for, other than replacing our incomes and quitting our jobs.

The problem with focusing solely on this is that, while the money might be coming (which is, of course, awesome), since the feeling of being in the 9-5 is our default and what we're used to, we'll create that exact same feeling in our new business.

It's what I did in my first business, so while I was doing work I loved, work that replaced my income, the FEELING I had was that I had to be in it 24/7 and it was never enough--and I almost burned out and gave up on the whole thing (and if I had, Life With Passion wouldn't exist, because I'd probably be back unhappy in a 9-5, feeling like I'd failed at being an entrepreneur because I couldn't figure out how to grow and scale without abandoning the rest of my life.

The truth is, when you know what you want the business to FEEL like and how you want it to fit into your life, then that clarity helps you to create exactly THAT.

And of course, there's a bunch of work in the beginning to get that sustainable momentum, but when you know what you're building TOWARD (like working from home with your dog at your feet, or working at a coffee shop, or picking up and traveling, or working solely online, taking a full day off a week--whatever it is for YOU), and not just what you want to get away from (the 9-5 world), it's infinitely easier to create it.

So tell me, have you had a hard time figuring out what you want? Or do you know it exactly?