Freedom Friday Thoughts: Give yourself permission that where you are today is ENOUGH to make money in your business!

Little known fact: 3 years ago, I created my own website from a Squarespace template. And I am NOT a designer or coder in any sense of the words.

It's not the fanciest, but when populated with photos I love, it's been more than enough to build a six-figure business! Total investment: a few hundred dollars (photos + low monthly hosting cost).

I think sometimes we make ourselves feel really overwhelmed about creating a website, telling ourselves it's not good enough to put out there, endlessly tweaking our "About" page or our "Services" page (or any page, really!)

And this keeps us hiding out, and therefore, not making money, not replacing our incomes, not quitting or staying out of the 9-5 world as we desire.

I tell my clients that I want them selling packages and getting their own clients BEFORE setting up a website, and they do just that!

Why? Because they believe it's possible, AND because together, we get super-clear on their:
❤️marketing strategy
❤️sales strategy that feels good and not gross/icky

All this makes connecting with their potential clients feel FUN and even easy!

Do you have a website? Or are you working on one or contemplating making one?