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Today, I'm sharing the top tip from my article that was featured on the Huffington Post Business homepage, The Top 5 Things To Know Before Quitting Your 9-5:

"Support & accountability are KEY ― get them now.

Why, oh why, do we stop investing in ourselves and our dreams after school?

It’s perfectly acceptable to borrow huge sums of money to get a formal education, but the minute we graduate, most of us start telling ourselves we don’t need to invest in ourselves anymore and that if we’re smart, we should to be able to figure it out for free.

This is backwards!

The most successful entrepreneurs are always learning, always investing in themselves to continually improve.

The most successful athletes are coached their ENTIRE CAREERS.

Find an expert you connect with and get some support and accountability.

After a decade of running my own businesses, I’m telling you: it will be the best money you ever spent on yourself AND your business."

Have you ever found yourself thinking these things? How have you made the shift, and what results have you found as a result?