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Ready to get big results in your business? Get real accountability.

Why? Accountability is the quickest way to change our habits and our results.

Benjamin P. Hardy writes about this in “How To Learn In 2 Days What Normally Takes 6 Months:”

Beyond tracking, research has found that accountability improves performance. When you report your performance to someone, particularly someone you respect, it adds external and relational motivation to succeed.

During your accountability sessions, you can get coaching and feedback on where you can improve.

When you’re doing something new, it requires consistency, it takes showing up, it takes getting over some fears and discomfort in order to create the habit that will produce the results you desire.

Usually, we need something outside of ourselves in order to show up in this new way. Our brains naturally want to keep thinking the same thoughts and patterns that we thought yesterday, because to our brains, safe is same.

We have to bring in something new and different to help break us out of old, bad patterns.

Based on what I see every day, I can say with 99.9% certainty that deciding on one idea and focusing on showing up for it consistently are most likely NOT going to happen if you don’t get accountability around them.

💞I want better for you.💞

Show up with your questions to someone who’s done it, and get that accountability. Start putting simple strategies to work for you, today, without overwhelm, stress or pressure.

Just like starting a new exercise routine or a healthier diet, growing a business goes much faster if you have a guide and a buddy to do it with.

As my client Heather says, the right community and the right mentor have been “the support I have needed to train my brain to be an entrepreneur and not a worker bee!”

Have you found success with accountability? What has that looked like for you? Or what will you do to get it?


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