Let’s talk about the time one of my clients fired me and it crushed me.

When I was running my first business, an online marketing agency for clients all over the country, I was hired to write artist bios for a top agency. It was an exciting gig for me because I LOVE peoples’ stories and I got to interview them, write up the highlights, and see my words appear on a big website.

They were happy with my work and all was well, until the day I was hiking in gorgeous Big Sur, CA, right before my sister’s wedding, and I checked my email on my phone (hello, bad boundaries!). I had an email waiting for me telling me my work was subpar, clearly unprofessional, and they had no use for me anymore.


Now I’m acutely aware of my weaknesses (as all high-achievers are!), but writing ain’t one of ‘em. I take pride in my work and as a sensitive person on top of that, I was crushed.

I started crying right then and there on the trail, right next to the Pacific Ocean.

And it shook my confidence because it was so out-of-the-blue and I’d done my BEST.

Looking back on it, I realize now that I was people-pleasing the heck out of the staff in that office and they were NOT my people. They were competitive, not afraid to lie or back-stab, and only about winning.

And because they had a “cool,” glamorous business, and because I believed I just needed to take whatever work came my way, I put up with it until someone’s random agenda decided I needed to be let go (which, of course, years later I can see was in my highest good).

That could have stopped me from writing. The lie that my work was “sub-par” could have taken root and never let go. It could have stopped me from using my writing to build a community, to share hope, possibility and healing with my community, to write a #1 bestselling book (HELLOOOO!!!!).

I hear a lot from you who have had similar painful experiences, and I wonder, has there been an impactful experience that’s stopped you--temporarily or for longer--from doing something that you love and are good at?

Are you open to changing that today? I’m cheering you on! #neverthelessshepersisted