In this noisy world of “I was an overnight success,” over the next few days I want to get a little bit vulnerable here and share with you some of my “failures” and “flaws.” Thank you for always making this a safe space for anyone to come and share from their heart!

You probably wouldn’t guess that the night before this picture was taken, I was hiding & crying in the bathroom at my rehearsal dinner.

From the outside, everything was perfect; it was the night before my storybook wedding and my mother-in-law had planned and pulled off a dinner that she was generous enough to include not only my extended family, but friends who’d traveled in for the wedding (since we had a smaller destination wedding).

She thoughtfully created the sentimental video, favors full of pictures of us, and decorations from scratch.

And I was super-intimidated and freaking STRESSED. I was trying to live up to an external expectation I’d placed on myself rather than owning who I really was.

I thought everyone would hate the wedding I’d planned (because it was a very stressful and not-that-fun process for me) and that it wasn’t good enough compared to what they were experiencing with this domestic goddess who loved making centerpieces and decorating with seasonal flair, neither of which are my God-given talents. I thought my almost-husband would enter the marriage disappointed with my lack of love for making centerpieces. (I didn’t say I was being rational.)

What the heck does this have to do with business-building, replacing our income (& then some)?

Well, I know most of us high-achievers routinely compare ourselves to others, and hold ourselves to an impossible standard. Even though everyone around us sees us as super-capable, we’re acutely aware of our faults and often this results in us not asking for help, not being honest about what’s going on, and feeling ALL.THE.PRESSURE. The pent up pressure leaks out at inopportune times that should be full of joy, if only we were clear and focused on who we are, our own strengths, and the difference we are making in the world!

️What I would tell that crying-in-the-bathroom girl:

Let off the pressure cooker. Contrary to what you’ve believed, putting pressure on yourself is NOT going to help you achieve your dreams of joyful freedom faster; in fact it’s quite the opposite and quite detrimental.

You are ALLOWED to be exactly the person you are right now, and that girl is ENOUGH as she is. Building your dream life is an iterative process and the most important thing is that you show up for the work every day.

Find people who are leading their lives & businesses the way you WANT to do it, surround yourself with them, hire them to help you, and learn from them.

Have you ever had a moment like that? Can you relate to any part of my story?


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