Will you all celebrate something with me?

I got my first two 1-star reviews!

I remember a friend of mine (who is a millionaire & best-selling author, btw) saying in her book to go look at all the 1-star reviews of her book if you want to feel better about yourself.

And I also recall a conversation with my own mentor where we decided that when I got my first negative reviews of the book, it would be a GOOD thing because it would mean that it was reaching people and hitting a nerve and evoking a strong emotion in them. And even a strong negative emotion can cause people to change for the better when they make the choice to (I know this first-hand!).

I’ve had “haters” before but never on something that I spent so much of my life on. Now I know though, that while it stung initially (yes, I’m sensitive and I’m also human!), I can choose to shake it off and keep going.

Because you know what? The people I follow and admire who are further along than me, like my millionaire friend? They just keep going no matter what people say because they know their work is worthwhile, and so will I.

So I wanted to come here and share that yes, it does happen, but as my friends have taught me, let’s CELEBRATE our haters and send them love because it means we’re going to a new level and reaching people with our work!

And, btw, if you read the book, would you consider leaving me an honest review on Amazon? It would mean the world to me! ️

Now tell me--How do you feel about haters? Do you find yourself feeling freaked out by even the thought of getting them (and hiding out as a result) or do you have them and are brushing them off without a second thought?