I used to have a love/hate relationship with the word "confidence". I comforted myself for not having it by equating it with cockiness, and at the same time, I was jealous and critical of all the people who had it, because despite my achievements, I had low self-esteem. This continued for many years, through all the cool stuff I did, experienced, and got.

Until everything changed when Maeve died. My confidence was a gift from of the loss of Maeve.

I realized I didn't give a ____ about what anyone said or thought anymore, because I HAD to take care of myself. AND, now I was this person who'd survived the unimaginable, so who cared if people thought I was crazy? I just lost the ability to care, in the best way possible :).

Is there something in your life you've survived or been through that helped you lose the ability to care?

It's ok if there's not, because I know now that there are other ways to gain confidence, and those are the things I teach! This was my path to confidence, but now that I'm here, I take a stand for YOU to get it in other ways.

Where do you wish you had more confidence?


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