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You know it and I know it: Procrastination is a problem.

I've been there and done that. Being a high-achieving, capable woman does not mean you are exempt. Actually it's like our little secret we don't want the rest of the world to know:

Procrastination is a BIG problem amongst high-achievers like you and me.

And after years of letting this procrastination rule my schedule, my level of stress, my LIFE, I finally connected the dots and realized something mind-blowing:

My procrastination was actually a form of SELF-SABOTAGE. You see, deep down I was even more ruled by PERFECTIONISM.

My fear of failure was all dressed up and disguised in procrastination. I was afraid that if I ACTUALLY GAVE 1000% on a project, my work might reflect that and prove to everyone once and for all that I was not good enough. Procrastination was my fail-safe. It was my out.

If my project didn't live up to my standards - to everyone else's standards - then I could always blame the procrastination. It wasn't really ME who failed.

Whoa, talk about revelation.

"You mean this actually has nothing to do with my organization or time-management skills? Procrastination doesn't mean I don't care or that I'm lazy?"

Nope. It's actually the exact opposite. And this is exactly why it's such a big problem for highly-capable people.

Perfectionism and fear of failure is the biggest, meanest wolf in the pack and up until now, you've been allowing it to be in charge!

So, what's next? Knowledge is half the battle, right? Once you identify this in your life, you'll be ready to finally beat the procrastination and perfectionism that's been road-blocking the path to your dream business and dream life.