Let’s face it, when you’re thinking about quitting a job but you’re scared to, it’s probably because you’re thinking about how to make at least as much money as you’re currently making at your 9–5, right?

I get it. I told myself that story for years before I finally quit my job, but, when I did, I replaced my income in the first month, so I know it’s possible (and yes, I asked myself a million times, “Why didn’t I quit sooner?!?”).

I want you to quit sooner, so let's cover my top 3 tips to replace your income so that you can quit your 9–5:

Tip #1: Start on the side.

I’m not here to tell you to quit your job cold-turkey and then figure it all out after that. I believe in starting smart & strategically.

Even if you feel like you don’t have time or clarity, you can start somewhere, right now. Clarity and confidence both come from taking action, not from waiting to get clear or confident until you do, so it’s time to get serious about starting or growing your business on the side of your 9–5.

Try just 5 minutes of action today, and see what that gets you. Did you love what you did? Did you hate it? Are you willing to do it again to get that freedom? Take that information and carry it into your strategy for tomorrow.