Counting down the Top 6 Lessons I Learned In My First Year of Business.

💥Lesson #4: I utilized the power of FOCUS.💥

I used to be a professional, proud multi-tasker. Keeping my email open, responding to texts & emails as they came in, refreshing, checking Facebook & scrolling, a million browser tabs open. Any of this sound familiar?

Since that first year of Life With Passion I’ve had to learn not only how that multi-tasking was a disservice to my mindset and business growth, but we threw in the ultimate “multi-tasking” challenge of parenting a newborn and then very busy toddler.

I’ve given you guys a lot of tips with productivity hacks and internal mindset work. This isn’t the time to go through them all again, but it’s important to recognize their one important commonality: FOCUS.

Would you describe yourself as a focused person? Or does distracted, overwhelmed, or scattered sound more familiar?

What steps can you take this week to reduce overwhelm and distractions and utilize the power of focus?