Happy FREEDOM FRIDAY, ladies!

Today it is my absolute delight to introduce you to our latest FREEEEEEEEE woman, my client & friend Nancy Rich-Gutierrez!!!!

On the side of her big corporate job, Nancy first built a 6-figure business with her husband, and a following for this local business literally all over the world (seriously, check them out on IG: @hghorseshoeingllc)

Next, Nancy's combined her business acumen and her knack for creating a fantastic animal-based business to open a grooming salon in Austin called "As The Fur Flies"(@asthefurfliesaustin) --I meannnnn, how cute is that?

Let's congratulate this beautiful badass on her exit from corporate life to join the ranks of full-time entrepreneurs, where she'll be able to spend more time (and be WAY less stressed when doing it) with her husband, son, and their awesome menagerie